First pile driven for Nij Hiddum-Houw Wind Farm

Last week the first pile was driven for Nij Hiddum-Houw Wind Farm in the province of Friesland. The work is expected to last until the end of October.

On Wednesday August 18 the contractor combination Jansma Drachten B.V. – M. Westra B.V. started driving the piles for the foundations and the substations. They expect to drive around one foundation per week.

Per foundation approximately 44 piles will be driven. The piles have a diameter of 56 cm and will be driven into the ground to a depth of 22 to 36 meters, depending on the location.

Wind farm Nij Hiddum-Houw

The wind farm is a repowering project whereby sixteen Vestas wind turbines with a total installed capacity of approximately 5 MW will be replaced by nine Enercon E136 EP5, each with a capacity of 4.65 MW.

The initiators of the wind farm are Vattenfall and Gooyum-Houw BV, a partnership of 45 individuals and companies from the area. Vattenall owns 4 wind turbines and Gooyum-Houw owns the remaining 5 wind turbines. In December 2020, the initiators gave the green light for the project.

The total installed capacity of the wind farm will be 42 MW. The first green electricity is expected in the second half of 2022. Source: Windpark Nij Hiddum-Houw

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