CORROSION commits to North American wind market with launch CORROSION USA

CORROSION, provider of anti-corrosion and anti-fouling solutions solutions, has officially launched CORROSION USA to support the rapidly expanding wind sector in North America.

Led by Harry L. Holtz III, who has been appointed in the newly established role of Director of CORROSION USA, the move underlines CORROSION’s commitment to serve the wind sector in North America by providing highly sophisticated cathodic protection solutions for both traditional wind turbine monopiles and floating foundations.

CORROSION’s Offshore Wind USA team also consists of: Bart Wessels, Chief Commercial Officer; Niels Ros, Manager Offshore Wind; and Joop de Leeuw, Senior Sales Manager and Technical Engineer.

“North America is a hugely important market for wind energy and is only set to continue growing,” said Bart Wessels, Chief Commercial Officer of CORROSION. “As a world leader in Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) systems, we are proud that by strengthening our North American presence, we will be able to help many more companies become eco-friendly thanks to our truly sustainable solutions.”

Commenting on the appointment of Harry L. Holtz III, Bart Wessels said: “We’re very pleased to have Harry onboard as Director of our US operations. He has a wealth of experience – from engineering and manufacturing to new-market expansion – and knows our sector inside out. What’s more, his appointment underlines our global ambition to serve customers in the most important markets in the world.

“I’m delighted to have joined CORROSION at such an exciting time for both the company and for the wind sector”, said Harry L. Holtz III. “At a time of such rapid growth, the international renewable energy market has never been more important. I look forward to working with CORROSION’s Offshore Wind USA team to engage with leading industry players and outline the many benefits of CORROSION’s unique ICCP solutions”.

Environmentally cathodic protection

CORROSION was founded in the Netherlands and has been in operation since 1993. In 2007, it was the first company in the world to utilize Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) technology to protect turbine foundations. Using ICCP technology, the amount of metals discharged into the marine environment is considerably lower than when using traditional cothodic protection methods, the company says.

The news follows after CORROSION announced it is eying the Norwegian and Brazilian offshore wind market, together with M&O Partners a month ago.

CORROSION also recently joined forces with Amphibious Energy to launch the ICCP-POD, an environmentally friendly alternative to using diesel generators to supply energy during the construction phase of wind turbines, and sacrificial anodes to protect turbine foundations against corrosion.

The CORROSION ICCP system is currently being applied in the Saint-Nazaire offshore wind farm in France. Source: CORROSION

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