Start concrete works for Windplanblauw foundations

On Thursday, August 26, Dura Vermeer started with the concrete works for the first wind turbine foundation of SwifterwinT on Land, the onshore part of Windplanblauw. It is the first of a total of 37.

Dura Vermeer made a start with the preparatory work for the construction of the wind turbines in June this year. A total of 37 Vestas wind turbines, type V162-5.6 MW, will be installed on land. They replace 46 old wind turbines.

Due to the proximity of Lelystad Airport, wind turbines with different hub heights are used. The number of cubic meters required per foundation therefore varies. Dura Vermeer uses concrete from Kijlstra Betonmortel, a local supplier. Three layers of concrete will be poured in the reinforcement.


Windplanblauw is a joint project of Vattenfall and SwifterwinT, a collaboration of more than 170 agricultural entrepreneurs and residents of the municipality of Dronten. In the northwest corner of Flevoland, in the municipalities of Dronten and Lelystad, 37 wind turbines are installed on land and 24 wind turbines will be built by Vattenfall in the waters of the IJsselmeer. SwifterwinT op Land already reached financial close at the end of December 2020. Source: Windplanblauw

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