Egchelse Heide Wind Farm officially opened

Last weekend the opening ceremony of the 21 MW Wind Farm Egchelse Heide in the municipality of Peel en Maas, south of Egchel took place. The five wind turbines of the wind farm are expected to produce 58.000.000 KWh per year.

On Friday 3 September the Egchelse Heide onshore wind farm was officially opened by several children from the municipality Peel en Maas in cooperation with the initiators.

The opening lasted the whole weekend. On Saturday guests were welcomed and on Sunday the wind farm was open to the public. Various activities for children were organized that day. There was also a sustainability fair, large machines that helped build the wind farm were on display, the solar car “Stella Era” from the Technical University in Eindhoven was exhibited and visitors had a chance to be guided up into the wind turbine by a professional.

Egchelse Heide Wind Farm

Egchelse Heide is a cooperative project that has been realised through a cooperation of 4 parties, namely 3 dairy farmers, Green Trust, Aelmans Adviesgroep BV and the local energy cooperative Peel Energie. In July 2020 financial close was reached for the wind farm. Local residents and businesses were also given the opportunity to participate in the wind farm in 2020, by means of bonds.

The wind farm comprises five wind turbines from the German turbine supplier Enercon. Enercon supplied its type E-138 EP3 E2 wind turbine with an axis height of 131 meters, a tip height of 200 meters and a rotor diameter of 138 meters. These turbines each have an installed capacity of 4.2 MW.

In September 2020, the first pile was ceremoniously driven. In June this year, the construction of the wind turbines was completed. This was followed by a test phase.

Together, the five wind turbines are expected to produce 58,000,000 KWh per year. The generated power will be collected at the new purchasing station on Karissendijk. Via this purchasing station, the power will be transported to regional net operator Enexis’ network. The power is purchased by energy company Eneco. Source: Windpark Egchelse Heide

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