F&B Group and Certion join forces

F&B Group has joined forces with Certion. With this partnership, the two Dutch experts in wind turbine inspection, maintenance and (dis)assembly, share and broaden their knowledge of the market and different types of wind turbines, both onshore and offshore.

The new partnership means an expansion of the service offer and capacity. Their common goal is to relieve customers of all concerns relating to their turbine(s): from maintenance to disassembly and everything in between. F&B Group and Certion will continue to work separately and together to realise their shared mission: to leave the earth more sustainable by getting the most out of wind.

“We understand that working together is essential for further professionalization, enabling ourselves to anticipate the increasingly complex market demands. This cooperation offers many opportunities for both parties, colleagues and customers. We are going for growth, that is for sure”, says Sjoerd Bartlema, managing director of F&B Group.

Stephan de Lange, managing director of Certion, adds: “Both Certion and F&B Group have grown strongly in recent years. Both companies are always on the lookout for new opportunities to grow and to serve their customers even better. This makes us excellent partners. Not only do our expertise and service offer match, our culture and way of working are a perfect match, too. We will further explore the possibilities of our new cooperation in the coming period.”

For the customers of both F&B Group and Certion, nothing will change for the time being. The same familiar faces and personal contact, even more expert answers to questions and the best team for the job, the companies said. Source: F&B Group

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