Vattenfall sells two Dutch onshore wind farms

Vattenfall and Danish developer European Energy announced yesterday the transaction of eight wind and solar assets, totaling 85.8 MW, in Europe. These include two wind projects in the Netherlands. European Energy will take over the day-to-day operations of the renewable assets from Vattenfall.

The deal amounts to 57.8 MW of operational assets as well as 28 MW of solar projects under development, expected to become operational during 2022. The sites are located in Denmark, Germany, the UK, and the Netherlands.

Market entrance in the Netherlands and the UK

With the acquisition of the 85.8 MW, European Energy further strengthens its position in Denmark (7.5 MW Ryå and 16.5 MW Hollandsbjerg wind projects) and Germany (12 MW Jȁnschwalde wind farm) where it has been operating for many years.

In addition, the company expands its position as a European energy supplier by entering the UK (4.8 MW Park Pendine wind project and Parc Cynog Wind and Solar Farm with 5 MW solar and 3.6 MW wind) and the Netherlands.

“European Energy is currently constructing more than 1.2 GW of renewable energy capacity across 26 different sites in eight countries. With these agreements, European Energy will for the first time since the founding of the company be operating assets in the Netherlands and UK.”

Jens Peter Zink, European Energy’s Senior Vice President

De Bjirmen and Krabbersgat onshore wind farms

In the Netherlands, it concerns the 6 MW Windpark de Bjirmen near Oostbierum in the province of Friesland. This wind farm dating from 1996, with its characteristic partly red towers, consists of 12 500 kW Nordtank wind turbines.

The second project concerns the Krabbersgat wind farm on a break water near Enkhuizen dating from 2008. Vattenfall owns three of the five 800 kW Enercon E-48 wind turbines. The companies Windvast and Hollandia Koos each own one of the remaining two wind turbines.

Optimisation of onshore fleet

Vattenfall has made the decision in order to further optimize its onshore fleet by reducing the number of different turbine types and to increase standardization of technology and servicing platforms. Meanwhile, Vattenfall continues to have strong growth plans for onshore wind with over 1GW currently in construction and an ambition to grow substantially until 2030.

“Vattenfall’s goal is to make fossil fuel-free living possible within one generation. To do so requires also strong focus on process and portfolio optimization. European Energy share many of our values. I’m delighted that they will take over the assets from us and operate them in the future. The transaction will enable us to further focus on our major windfarms in operation and under construction and will also open up financial space for more investments in developing Onshore Wind.”

Sandra Grauers Nilsson, Vattenfall’s Head of Onshore Wind

Image: De Bjirmen Wind Farm

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