Oostflakkee Wind Farm officially opened

On Friday 15 October, French energy company Kallista Energy officially opened its first wind farm, Oostflakkee Wind Farm, in the Netherlands. The onshore wind farm, with eight wind turbines and an installed capacity of 32 MW, was already fully commissioned earlier this year.

The official opening was postponed due to all corona measures. Children of some of the initiators present pressed a symbolic red button to celebrate the opening.

Oostflakkee Wind Farm is located on the Goeree-Overflakkee island, about 30 km south-west of Rotterdam. The project is an initiative of local farmers and developed with the support of Renewable Energy Factory and Van Peperstraten Group. The first steps for the wind farm were taken in 2009. In December 2019, Kallista Energy acquired the project. Green Trust supported Kallista Energy in the implementation of this project. During the opening, Green Trust handed over a so-called live drawing by Betina van Meter with project info as a thank you for the cooperation.

Latest generation Enercon EP3 wind turbines

The wind farm consists of eight Enercon type E126-EP3 turbines, with 61.08 meter rotor blades and a capacity of 4 MW. The civil works started in May 2020. The first turbine was installed in December 2020. Annual production is expected to be around 100 GWh, enough to power the equivalent of 35,000 households. The wind farm is connected to Stedin’s network in Ooltgensplaat. Watch the video about the construction of the wind farm.

Bird detection system

Oostflakkee Wind Farm is adjacent to a Natura 2000 area. Because of a sea eagle population present here, the turbines have been fitted with a bird detection system. This system is intended to prevent sea eagles from colliding with the wind turbines. When a sea eagle approaches, the system produces a sound that should scare it away. If the sea eagle comes too close, the turbines are stopped.

Wind fund

Oostflakkee Wind Farm is one of the wind farms contributing to the wind fund Windfonds Goeree-Overflakkee. Part of the revenue generated by the wind farm will be returned to the people of Goeree-Overflakkee through the stakeholders fund. Photo by Menno Mulders

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