Dutch innovations compete in finals Tech for the Energy Transition Awards 2021

TechnologyCatalogue.com, a technology platform for the Energy Transition, announced the 15 finalists of the Tech for the Energy Transition Awards 2021. They compete in one of five categories. The winners will be announced on 10 December 2021. The finalists include innovations from Dutch companies including Kitepower, Amphibious Energy, Q-Layers, TechBinder and HyET Hydrogen.

The Awards are divided in five technology categories, being: Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS), Renewable Energy, Digitalisation, Safety and Maintenance. In each category, three contenders compete with their technology.

Technologies qualified for the Awards include pure ‘renewables’ tech as well as technologies already in use by conventional industries, for example maintenance optimisation technologies that can help to improve the economics of renewables projects.

Finalist by category

The following 15 technologies have been selected:

CCUS: CarbonAssist, OTS CCUS Reactor, and Accelerated Carbonation Technology
Digitalisation: Cerebra Digital Twin for NetZero, Smart Vessel Optimizer, and INES-Intelligent Network Solution
Safety: Ultrasonic Camera for Gas Leak Detection, 10Q Robot by Qlayers, and Nu1 Dry Air GIS
Maintenance: ReliaSol Intelligent Maintenance System, Envirocart, and DBB-SAVER
Renewable Energy: Airborne Wind Energy System (AWES) by Kitepower, Electrochemical Hydrogen Processing Technology, and EnergyPod by Amphibious Energy

“Technology plays a key role in ensuring we are on track towards achieving a carbon neutral world. This Tech for the Energy Transition Awards is just one way to give innovators the much-deserved recognition for their contribution in the Energy Transition”.

Erik Nijveld, Co-founder and managing partner

The technologies will be assessed based on the following criteria: Impact of the technology to Energy Transition, Deployability across multiple industries, and Novelty of the technology.

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