SemperPower commissions 10 MW energy storage system in Terneuzen

Dutch SemperPower has commissioned its first large-scale energy storage system project of 10 MW in Terneuzen, The Netherlands. The company also announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with investor Stecc Group to support the growth of the company.

SemperPower develops, realizes and operates energy storage systems in order to achieve concrete local and market optimizations.

10 MW/10 MWh

The 10MW/10MWh energy storage system in Terneuzen has been realised without any subsidy, in cooperation with local stakeholders Koegorspolder Wind Farm, the 44 MW wind farm south of the city of Terneuzen that has been in operation since 2007, Yara Sluiskil, producer of nitrogen fertilizers and industrial chemicals located along the canal from Gent to Terneuzen, and the Municipality of Terneuzen.

The funding partners for this project are Stecc Group and Triodos Bank. Alfen acted as project supplier and installer. SemperPower will manage all operations and trading optimization.

Partnership with Stecc

With Stecc Group, SemperPower found a strong strategic partner for further growth of the company, supported with an investment of several million Euros. Stecc Group has a strong network and track record of building, growing and investing in companies involved in the energy transition, including Sunrock, Vandebron, Harvest Waste and Soto Solar.

Quote Dennis Schiricke (CEO SemperPower): “By completing the project in Terneuzen, an important step has been taken to demonstrate that large-scale energy storage systems can be realized commercially in The Netherlands. This provides a proof of concept that we can use in the energy market to let market parties experience how it works and how it can be realized together. By working together with Stecc, we can realize local optimizations even quicker.”

Quote Stecc: ‘’This partnership with SemperPower is an unique opportunity for Stecc Group to further enhance its contribution to accelerating the global energy transition. The group is delighted to support this ambitious, entrepreneurial and knowledgeable management team in expanding its operations in Europe. Synergies derived from SemperPower’s technical-and energy management expertise, with Stecc’s project development capabilities will be a significant asset to win renewable energy storage opportunities. Furthermore, SemperPower will be an important factor in the roll-out of a new comprehensive clean energy company in Europe by Stecc Group” Source: SemperPower

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