Noord-Beveland Wind Farm officially opened

Last weekend, the Noord-Beveland wind farm in the Jacoba-Rippolder, on the Zeeland island of Noord-Beveland, was officially opened. In this repowering project five old wind turbines were replaced by four new turbines with a higher capacity.

The old wind turbines belonged to the Jacoba Rippolder wind farm which was opened in 2008. The five Nordex N90 turbines in this farm had a hub height of 80 metres and a tip height of 125 metres.

The new built Noord-Beveland wind farm comprises four new Nordex N117 turbines with a rotor blade of 58.5 metres, a hub height of 91 metres and a capacity of 3.6 MW. The last wind turbine was completed in mid-August.

The power generated at a wind speed of 7.5 m/s is 1,284 kw per hour per turbine. This is enough to provide the equivalent of approximately 12,850 households with green electricity each year. This is reported by Green Trust, which was responsible for the redevelopment, contracting and construction, and now also for the operational management. For the implementation, Green Trust cooperated with Windkracht Beheer en Inspecties B.V. VolkerWind realised the Balance of Plant.

Reuse of parts

Parts of the old wind farm were reused in the new wind farm. For example, the farm cables, the substation and the switch of the grid operator were reused. Source: Green Trust

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