Book launch: Build them at Sea, New Energy for the World

Chris Westra, a Dutch expert in the field of wind energy, recently published the book ‘Build them at Sea, New Energy for the World’. In this book, Westra shows how quickly the offshore wind sector has developed since his earlier book on the subject was published.

Offshore wind energy is becoming the most important sources of energy. Westra published the book ‘Offshore Wind, Clean Energy from the Sea’ on this topic in 2014. Since then, there have been enormous advances in the technology that makes it possible to generate electricity on a large scale at sea.

“It is fascinating to see how fast developments have gone and what the future looks like, because we have only just begun. Wind turbines are getting bigger, taller than the Eiffel Tower, being built further out to sea, and even placed on floating structures on the ocean. In the future, wind turbines will do their work entirely automatically, producing hydrogen that will be carried to a collection point by robotic submarines. The seas will become energy fields and this will go hand in hand with new nature and food production.”

Chris Westra
Book launch: Build them at Sea, New Energy for the World

In the book ‘Build them at Sea, New Energy for the World’ Westra takes the reader in 272 pages to sea, the ports and the factories and, with many photos and illustrations, shows from many angles what is involved in the construction of a wind farm and which companies are involved. The book is available in both Dutch and English.

About Chris Westra

Chris has been involved in wind energy developments for some 50 years. He spent 20 years doing research on the introduction of solar and wind energy at the University of Amsterdam. At the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands, ECN, now TNO, he developed and led the first integrated R&D program offshore wind energy (We@Sea). Now he is working with leading parties to get a multi-functional, ecologically sound energy island on the Dutch part of the North Sea done as soon as possible.

He wrote several books, articles and brochures on wind energy. The “Wind Workbook” published in 1980 sold 30,000 copies and in 2014 he published the coffee table book: Offshore Wind, Clean Energy from the Sea’.

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