Ballast Nedam realises Maasvlakte 2 Wind Farm foundations and connection

Ballast Nedam is going to install the turbine foundations for the Maasvlakte 2 Wind Farm. In addition, the contractor will also realise the park cabling and the connection to the substation. Currently, the design work is in full progress and construction is expected to start at the beginning of 2022. The wind farm is expected to be operational by the end of 2022.

Ballast Nedam will realise the wind turbines on the sea wall in the Rotterdam harbour area on behalf of Eneco, who won the tender for the realisation of the wind farm in February 2020. Rijkswaterstaat is the initiator of the wind farm and obtains all the electricity for the next 25 years.

The wind farm consists of 22 wind turbines with a capacity of 116.7 MW and is developed in close cooperation with the municipality of Rotterdam, the province of Zuid-Holland, the Port of Rotterdam, the State Property Department and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. As a result, the wind farm is going to be the largest onshore wind farm of Eneco, which will generate more than 400 GWh of green electricity on a yearly basis.

Hard’ and ‘soft’ sea walls

‘Together with turbine manufacturer Vestas, Ballast Nedam is realising the 22 wind turbines on both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ sea walls. The ‘hard’ sea wall consist of a dike body with a paved surface on top and large boulders in the surf. Ten turbines will be positioned on the land side of this dyke. The ‘soft’ sea wall consist of a beach and dunes, whereby the remaining twelve turbines will be placed on the beach in front of the sand dunes. These locations are challenging for the design and construction of the wind farm. For example, water safety, accessibility and the logistics surrounding the turbine locations must be considered.

First for the wind sector

The wind turbines on the ‘hard’ sea wall will be erected on a concrete foundation with a reinforced soil construction that is placed against the body of the dike. On the ‘soft’ sea wall, a foundation is used for which Ballast Nedam applies its monopile solution. A proven offshore concept that the company has translated for this project into the realisation of such foundations at nearshore locations.

This is a new development in the wind energy sector, as this is the first time that a wind turbine is founded on a monopile on land. This type of construction is beneficial in many ways: it has less impact on the seabed and is also slimmer, which leaves more space available for recreation in the area around the wind turbines.


In September this year it was also announced that Ballast Nedam was contracted for Windplanblauw in the north-west corner of the province of Flevoland. It concerns the 24 wind turbines in the IJsselmeer. Ballast Nedam is responsible here for the design and realisation of the cofferdam structures for the turbine foundations, the park cabling and the connection to the substation. Source: Ballast Nedam

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