Construction Eemshaven Zuidoost wind farm with self-climbing crane completed

The construction of Windpark Eemshaven Zuidoost is complete, Green Trust announced on 1 December. This is the first project in the world where a self-climbing crane was used to install the Enercon turbines.

Wind farm Eemshaven Zuidoost consists of four Enercon wind turbines near Eemshaven, in the north of the Netherlands. The turbines have a rotor diameter of 136 m and a capacity per turbine of 4.5 MW. The total capacity of the wind farm is 18 MW. The wind farm is expected to supply green power for the equivalent of some 14,000 households. Commissioned by V.O.F. Zuid Oost, Green Trust provides support in contracting, tendering and construction. Construction of the wind farm started in 2019.

Self-climbing crane

Construction Eemshaven Zuidoost wind farm completed with self-climbing crane

For three of the four wind turbines the Lagerwey Climbing Crane (LCC), type LCC140, was used. The Lagerwey Climbing Crane (LCC) is the world’s first self-climbing crane for the construction of wind turbines. The crane was designed and developed by Lagerwey to enable ever-higher wind turbines to be erected in both conventional and more challenging locations. The small size, easy transport and fast installation time of the crane offer many advantages for the construction of wind turbines. The crane requires a smaller permanent crane hardstand compared to conventional crane types.

The crane can climb up by means of a pinning system. The connection of the self-climbing crane to the tower reduces the risk of crane instability during lifting operations. This should make working with the crane safer. The “Blade-beam”, specially developed for the LCC140, makes it possible to lift blades without the use of steering lines. This makes the lifting of the blades much more manageable and also possible at small locations where the use of control lines is not possible.

The wind farm will be handed over to the owner at the end of this year. Green Trust will remain involved and manage the wind farm. Source: Greentrust

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