First turbine stands at Weert Wind Farm

Last weekend, the construction of the first wind turbine at Weert Wind Farm near Weert in the province of Limburg was completed. The wind farm will comprise a total of three wind turbines. Together, they are good for an annual energy production of over 30,000 MWh.

Energy Cooperative WeertEnergie and Eneco are the initiators of the wind farm. Earlier this year, financial close was reached after which preparatory construction work could start.

The initiators selected German company Enercon to supply the wind turbines. The three wind turbines have a hub height of 130 metres and a tip height of 200 metres. To get the blades safely on location, Enercon used the Bladelifter. In difficult bends, this tool allows for the blade to be lifted and titled vertically. This way the blades can be transported where regular transport would not be possible. See video below for an impression.

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The other two wind turbines will be installed in January 2022. If everything goes according to plan, the turbines will be put into operation in the first quarter of 2022 and will generate more than 30,000 MWh annually.

Cooperative approach

WeertEnergie and Eneco have opted for a cooperative approach for the development of the wind farm. According to the parties, local and regional companies are involved as much as possible in the construction. For example, WATT Infra from Geldrop and Kiggen from Weert are responsible for the civil and electrical engineering works.

An environmental fund has also been set up. For a period of 15 years, one euro of each generated MWh will go to the environment fund. This could add up to between €25,000 and €30,000 per year. The funding will be used to finance local sustainable and socially responsible projects. Source: Windpark Weert

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