Vattenfall sells part of Prinses Ariane Wind Farm to Dutch insurer a.s.r.

Dutch insurer a.s.r., through a.s.r. real estate, is acquiring 32 of the 82 wind turbines in the Prinses Ariane Wind Farm in the Wieringermeer from current owner Vattenfall. The turbines have a combined capacity of approximately 118 megawatts.

a.s.r. wants to make a contribution to the energy transition and to combating climate change. For this purpose, a.s.r. will significantly reduce the CO₂ emissions in the investments and insurance portfolios in the coming years. In addition, a.s.r. wants to have EUR 4.5 billion in investments on its balance sheet that contribute to a more sustainable world by 2024. The purchase of these wind turbines is indeed such an impact investment.

“a.s.r. wants to be a leader in corporate sustainability and remain in the front runners group of sustainable insurers. I am proud that this year, following on from the purchase of the Jaap Rodenburg wind farm in Almere, we are now also purchasing part of the largest onshore wind farm in the Netherlands. In doing so, we increase our share in sustainable energy projects. We continue to look at the opportunities to invest in renewable energy sources that contribute to the energy transition and a sustainable living environment.”

Dick Gort, CEO a.s.r. real estate

For Vattenfall, the sale fits within the strategy of making fossil-free living possible within one generation.

“To make fossil-free living possible within one generation, we want to accelerate the energy transition. By selling these 32 turbines to a.s.r. we create financial space to start new projects and bring our ambitions closer. As a.s.r. is committing itself for the long term and upholding all agreements made, it will also give the residents of Wieringermeer confidence.”

Martijn Hagens, CEO Vattenfall Netherlands

The Prinses Ariane Wind Farm was officially opened on 30 September 2020. The wind farm comprises 82 Nordex N117/3600 in line arrangement. The turbines each have a hub height of 118 metres, a tip height of 177 metres and a capacity of 3.675 MW. Vattenfall will continue to service the turbines and take up the electricity from the wind turbines. Source: Vattenfall

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