CORROSION partners up with CO-MADE for Polish offshore wind and maritime market

Dutch sustainable anti-fouling and corrosion solution provider CORROSION has entered into a partnership with Poland-based CO-MADE to further expand its reach and make use of the enormous potential and developments in offshore wind in the Baltic States and the existing maritime repair possibilities for ships.

With the reinforcement of CO-MADE, the Dutch company expects to boost their sustainable ICCP system in Poland to protect foundations against corrosion and their new sustainable anti-fouling solution, the UV-C Cooler, for the the Baltic retrofit market.

“The Polish offshore wind market promises enormous growth in the coming years, says Bogusz Pniewski of CO-MADE. “In 2030, a supply of 5.9 GW of green energy is expected. That calls for collaboration with experienced partners who ensure environmentally friendly technologies.”

CO-MADE has many years of experience in project management and other support and is very active in the offshore wind industry. “As forerunners in the renewable energy sector in Poland, we are creating business connections for the offshore wind and marine market,” said Bogusz. “Our team provides business matching, project management and other support to ensure quality levels within the required delivery schedule.”

ICCP system

The ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection) system consists of Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) coated titanium anodes connected to an external power source. This power source provides the current that leads to the electrochemical reaction required for cathodic protection to take place.

UV-C Cooler

CORROSION’s UV-C box cooler combines two existing technologies: UV-C light technology, which is based on Philips IP, to eliminate fouling growth; and pillow plate technology to provide highly-efficient cooling. The company also offers tailor-made UV-C coolers. The UV-C coolers can be used for both retrofit and newbuilding, the company said. Ros: “Major ship owners have found the way to CORROSION to replace their existing fleet with the UV-C Cooler. We consider Poland to be a very strategic point for this product as well.” Source: CORROSION

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