First tower section in place at Nij Hiddum-Houw Wind Farm

Wind turbine construction work is in full swing at the onshore wind farm Nij Hiddum-Houw, located in the province of Friesland. The very first tower section was completed yesterday. The wind farm, with an installed capacity of 42 MW, is expected to supply its first green electricity in the second half of 2022.

First tower section in place at Nij Hiddum-Houw Wind Farm
Source: Loonstra Renewable Energy

The first tower sections arrived at the Nij Hiddum-Houw Wind Farm earlier this month, announcing the start of the construction of the wind turbines.

The tower sections are delivered by truck. This transport does not require any special modifications to the roads and verges. Nine tower parts are needed per wind turbine. Later this year, the supply of the large turbine parts will follow. Ventolines, as project manager, is responsible for the construction supervision.

Nij Hiddum-Houw

Nij Hiddum-Houw Wind Farm is situated at the head of the Afsluitdijk. It concerns a repowering project whereby sixteen Vestas wind turbines with a total installed capacity of approximately 5 MW will be replaced by nine Enercon E136 EP5 turbines with a capacity of 4.65 MW each.

The initiators of the wind farm are Vattenfall and Gooyum-Houw BV, a partnership of 45 private individuals and companies from the area. Vattenfall owns four wind turbines and Gooyum-Houw the remaining five. In December 2020, the initiators gave the green light for the project. The first pile was driven in August last year. Source: Wind farm Nij Hiddum-Houw

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