Wind farms Zonzeel, Galder and Hazeldonk-West ready to start construction

Last month, the development and financing period for the Zonzeel, Galder and Hazeldonk-West wind farms was completed. The three wind farms are part of the larger development Energie A16. Construction work for these wind farms will start soon.

The news was announced earlier this week by Dutch energy company Pure Energie, which is the initiator of 8 of the 14 wind turbines in the three wind farms along the A16. Within Zonzeel Wind Farm, Pure Energie is building 3 turbines, Eneco 2 and Traais Energiecollectief 1 turbine. In the Hazeldonk-West project 5 wind turbines will be built: 2 by Business Centre Treeport, 1 by Eneco and 2 by Pure Energie. Pure Energie is also building three wind turbines at Galder Wind Farm, located at the Galder junction along the A16 and A58 in the municipality of Breda.

Vestas V150

Pure Energie has chosen for 8 wind turbines from the Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas. It concerns the Vestas V150 with a hub height of 135 metres and a rotor diameter of 150 metres. Together, the eight wind turbines are expected to generate approximately 125 million kWh per year. That is enough power to provide the equivalent of about 50,000 households with green power for a year.

The first activities at Zonzeel and Hazeldonk-West will start at the end of January, reports Pure Energie. They will start with the construction of the park roads. Pile driving will take place from the end of February. Turbine construction is expected to start in August, with completion planned for the end of 2022.

Energie A16

The wind farms are part of the larger Energie A16 project in West Brabant. A total of 28 wind turbines will be constructed here, spread over the municipalities of Breda, Drimmelen, Moerdijk and Zundert. In addition to the three wind farms mentioned above, the project also includes the Nieuwveer, Hazeldonk-Oost, Klaverspoor, Waaijenberg and Streepland wind farm. At the latter wind farm a test is being carried out with black sails.
Source: Pure Energie

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