Windunie and the-emove introduce mobile solar field for use with wind turbines

The-emove B.V. and Windunie have joined forces to enable the great potential of dual use of the infrastructure of wind turbines. Via the new joint venture Turbizon, the companies introduced the Emove Solar: a portable solar field that can be connected to the transformer of wind turbines.

The-emove is a developer of mobile solar panels. Windunie realises locally owned sustainable energy projects, including wind energy. With Turbizon they are combining emove’s technical knowledge and Windunie’s management and development expertise.

Integration of wind and solar

The peak times for wind and solar generation are different. Wind turbines generate the most energy in the winter and autumn, when the wind is stronger and more frequent. Solar panels generate the most energy in spring and summer.
The Emove Solar provides the optimum addition of solar energy to wind energy. Around 20 to 30 mobile Emove Solar units of around 21 kWp can be installed per wind turbine. Both the crane hardstand and the grid connection can be used optimally with the Emove Solar.

According to Turbizon, it offers an interesting solution for municipalities, citizen cooperatives, turbine owners and wind farms that want to combine solar energy with wind energy. The Emove Solar has been developed for the integration of solar energy in (temporarily) unused and unsuitable areas.

An important innovation is that the mobile solar field is not ground-bound and can be directly connected to the transformer of the wind turbine. This makes it possible to start up sustainable initiatives quickly and to speed up the energy transition, says Devin van Gelder, General Manager at Emove.

Sjoerd Hupkes Wijnstra, developer of solar parks at Windunie: “The Emove Solar is mobile and can be quickly set up in various configurations. Moreover, the Emove Solar is scalable. No foundations are needed, because the mobile solar panel system can stand on the crane hardstands of wind turbines. We believe that this mobility and flexibility is an advantage in terms of spatial integration.” Source: Windunie

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