Coastwise’s latest CTV gets first job

Dutch shipping company Coastwise Offshore Services B.V. (Coastwise) received a first long-term contract for its new crew transfer vessel COS Master.

The vessel will be deployed from the German island Helgoland in offshore wind farms for supporting Operation & Maintenance activities. The vessel will be used for transfer of personnel, cargo, equipment, spares and tools to and from offshore wind farms. The assignment runs until 1 November 2022.

The COS Master is the first of three innovative Monomaran Crew tenders, of the Endurance 2727 design, that Coastwise has ordered at the Next Generation Shipyards in Lauwersoog. The design combines the stability of a catamaran and the speed and fuel efficiency of a monohull, reported Coastwise earlier. The vessel offers comfortable spacing for 30 man Industrial, and a crew of 5. The cruising speed is 25 knots. Coastwise welcomed the vessel in December 2021.

The two sister vessels, MV COS Mate and COS Mariner, will be delivered and available later this year. Commercial management of both vessels will be done by Seazip Offshore Services. Source: SeaZip

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