Vattenfall starts decommissioning of one of the oldest operational Dutch wind farms

Vattenfall will soon start the decommissioning of Irene Vorrink Wind Farm, located along the dyke between Lelystad and the Ketelbrug in the province of Flevoland. The 28 wind turbines are making way for more powerful ones that are part of the larger wind development project Windplanblauw.

The nearshore wind farm Irene Vorrink was completed in 1998 and is therefore one of the oldest operational wind farms in the Netherlands. A total of 28 Nordtank wind turbines, each with a capacity of 600 kW, stand on cylindrical steel monopile foundations in the water along the dyke. After 25 years, however, these wind turbines have reached the end of their technical life.

Floating cranes

This month, the wind turbines will be shut down one by one and prepared for disassembly. The actual dismantling will take place from April onward. The activities will take place in the IJsselmeer, therefore cranes on pontoons are required. The three blades and the nacelle are removed from the turbine in their entirety and lowered onto a pontoon. There, they are taken apart and transported over water.  The work will continue until the summer. The wind turbines will be recycled as far as possible.


The 28 wind turbines make way for 24 new wind turbines that will be installed in two rows in the IJsselmeer. GE Renewable Energy will supply the wind turbines. GE will supply its Cypress platform with a capacity of 5.5 MW, a hub height of 125.6 metres and a rotor diameter of 158 metres. The wind turbines are part of the larger wind development project Windplanblauw, of which Vattenfall and SwifterwinT are the initiators. Source Vattenfall/Windplanblauw

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