Largest Dutch onshore wind farm completes turbine installation

The 320 MW Zeewolde Wind Farm, currently the largest onshore wind farm in the Netherlands, has reached a major milestone with the installation of the last wind turbine yesterday. Now all 83 wind turbines near Zeewolde in the province of Flevoland are standing. In the coming months they will be further completed and tested.

The last wind turbine installation took place at the Lepelaarstocht in Zeewolde. The wind farm comprises 83 wind turbines in six line configurations, spread over an area of around 300 km2. Danish turbine manufacturer Vestas supplied 4 wind turbine types: the V136 (20), V126 (33), V117 (21) and V110 (9). The number stands for the rotordiameter. The tip height varies from 140 to 220 metres. The capacity per turbine is on average 3.9 MW.

The 83 wind turbines will replace the 220 or so scattered turbines and together will generate almost three times more energy than the current ones.


Construction started in October 2019 with the construction of the transformer station, over 40 kilometres of park roads, 83 crane hard stands, the foundations and hundreds of kilometres of cables. The first turbine was then built in May 2021. The coming months will be used to finish the insides of the turbines. This will be followed by a period of testing and trial runs of all the turbines. The first wind turbine already started producing power in June 2021. A large number of turbines (49) are now generating green electricity. The wind farm is expected to be ready at the end of this summer.

Bond loan

Zeewolde Wind Farm is an initiative of Windpark Zeewolde B.V., a unique collaboration of more than 200 farmers, residents and entrepreneurs. Now that the last turbine has been erected, the final phase of construction is approaching. Subject to approval by the AFM, Windpark Zeewolde intends to issue bond loans to residents for the adjoining areas. Source: Windpark Zeewolde

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