GBM works, Jungle AI and SpectX announced finalists Offshore Wind Innovators Award 2021

Offshore Wind Innovators has announced the finalists of the 2021-edition of Offshore Wind Innovators Award. GBM works, Jungle AI and SpectX will compete for the award for the most appealing offshore wind innovation of 2021 during TKI Wind op Zee LIVE om the 22nd of March 2022.

Offshore Wind Innovators organizes the Offshore Wind Innovators Award for the most innovative SME company in offshore wind and is intended to raise awareness of the innovative power of this community. The award is intended for Dutch SME entrepreneurs of Offshore Wind Innovators and consists of a jury prize and a public prize.

This year’s jury is composed of Glenn Bijvoets (Eneco), Jasper Geselschap (innovation Quarter) and Peter Eecen (TNO).

2021 nominees

GBM Works has developed a silent method for installing offshore wind foundations. Jungle AI builds industry-specific predictive software solutions. Their solution can be used to optimize wind turbine performance. SpectX is committed to building an aerial radiography system capable of detecting internal structural defects in real-time through AI approaches which can be used for inspections of wind turbine blades & structure, nacelle, tower and transition piece.

The nominees are invited to pitch their innovation to the offshore wind sector during the hybrid TKI Wind op Zee LIVE event on 22 March, 2022. After the presentation, the audience will decide who will receive the public award. Separately, the jury announces who wins the jury award. Source: Offshore Wind Innovators

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