Dutch Heerema to install Baltic Eagle offshore substation off Germany

Baltic Eagle GmbH has hired Dutch Heerema Marine Contractors to transport and install the Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm’s Offshore Substation (OSS).

The Baltic Eagle wind farm, which is 30 kilometres northeast of Rügen island off the coast of Pomerania (Germany), will provide renewable energy to 475,000 households.

The primary purpose of the offshore substation is to collect electricity generated by the 50 9.53-MW wind turbines in the field and convert the voltage from 66 to 220 kV. The OSS is made up of a substructure, foundation piles, and a topside that weighs in at 7,150 tons.

Master Builders Solutions has been awarded a supply contract for the Baltic Eagle offshore structural grouting scope by Heerema. In order to leverage their respective offshore competencies, Heerema and Master Builders Solutions plan to collaborate across regions in the future.

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