Fugro to undertake offshore wind farms surveys in Dutch North Sea

Fugro Netherlands Marine was chosen to do geophysical research for the Dutch North Sea offshore wind farms IJmuiden Ver V and VI.

About 250 square kilometres of the IJmuiden Ver wind farm zone are under investigation. It concerns the IJmuiden Ver V and VI sites. RVO opened the tender at the end of October 2021. A report from RVO says fieldwork should start in the second and third quarters of 2022.

It is the goal of the geophysical soil investigation to improve the understanding of the bathymetry, morphology, and geology of the areas where wind farms will be built. It also aims to identify objects in the designated wind farm sites. A second goal is to gather geophysical data on these locations to aid in the planning of geotechnical studies and the creation of offshore wind farm designs and installations.

The IJmuiden Ver WFZ lies approximately 62 km off the west coast of the Netherlands in the North Sea. In this wind farm zone, 4 lots have been designated: I, II, III and IV. A tender to develop IJVWFS I and II is scheduled to open in 2023. A tender to develop IJWFS III and IV is scheduled to open in 2025. The sites V and VI are an expansion to the four sites. This means the wind farm zone site could see 6 instead of 4 GW of installed capacity.

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