Ballast Nedam selects Solidd for Maasvlakte 2 wind farm work

Solidd Steel Structures has been chosen by Ballast Nedam as project partner for the Maasvlakte 2 Wind Farm project, being built on behalf of Rijkswaterstaat.

Solidd is responsible for the design, production, supply and installation of secondary foundation elements as well as temporary support constructions such as the hydro hammer transport frames.

The Maasvlakte 2 Wind Farm will consist of ten wind turbines on concrete foundations constructed on the hard seawall, and twelve wind turbines on monopile foundations on the soft seawall. The electricity generated by the wind farm is supplied directly to Rijkswaterstaat. In order to meet climate objectives, the energy generated will contribute to the power supply of bridges, locks, pumping stations and offices, amongst other things.

On-site installation starts in April

The project is being developed by Eneco, with Ballast Nedam serving as the primary contractor for the establishment of the foundations and the installation of the cables. Ballast Nedam chose Solidd as the partner to make the twelve offshore foundations compatible with internal and external foundation elements for the installation of the land wind turbines.

Solidd began construction on the Maasvlakte 2 Wind Farm in early 2022. At the moment the final touches are being made to the technical design of the structures, after which the manufacturing phase will start. The on-site installation is scheduled to begin in April.

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