Jaap Rodenburg II wind farm inaugurated

Yesterday, Vattenfall, Almeerse Wind and insurer a.s.r. inaugurated the onshore wind farm Jaap Rodenburg II near Almere. The wind farm comprises 10 wind turbines, with a total installed capacity of 38 MW.

The Jaap Rodenburg II wind farm is a repowering project. Ten old wind turbines have stood at the site since 2000. In connection with the expected construction of a new residential area, they were supposed to remain until 2015. When the plans for the new residential area were postponed until after 2035, the municipality gave permission for the existing farm to be rebuilt. Each new turbine has a capacity of 3.8 MW, more than double that of the old ones. The 10 turbines are supplied by Vestas, type V117-3.45 in Power Optimized Mode. They have a tip height of 149.75 meters, therfore no red aviation lights were required. The last turbine was installed in July 2021.

The repowering project is a joint initiative of energy company Vattenfall and Almeerse Wind. This local energy cooperative with over 400 members, operates two of the wind turbines. These two wind turbines will supply electricity to the citizens and businesses of Almere. Insurance company a.s.r. is taking over the eight wind turbines from Vattenfall.

New war memorial

During the Second World War, an allied plane crashed in the area where the wind turbines now stand. The war monument that served as a reminder of this event was replaced during construction. One of the wind turbines now features an image of the plane. Photo: Vattenfall/Jorrit Lousberg

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