Dutch Seawind and SeaTech work on semi-submersible floating platform design

Seawind Ocean Technology, a Dutch developer of next-generation floating wind energy technologies, is working on the design of semi-submersible floating platforms with SeaTech Solutions International.

SeaTech will provide Seawind with the semi-submersible floating platform’s basic design, which will be compliant with international standards and specifications. Any related intellectual property will be co-owned by Seawind and SeaTech.

Seawind’s integrated approach to building the concrete floating foundations and then lifting and assembling the tower, nacelle, and blades of its floating offshore units relies heavily on semi-submersible floating platforms.

Seawind has begun the permitting process for a turbine manufacturing and assembly facility in an Italian port area, where the first newly designed semi-submersible floating platform will be deployed and commissioned in Q4 2024. SeaTech would then provide a full design package for the semi-submersible floating platforms, which would include detailed design, 3D modeling, and a complete set of construction drawings, once the design was finalized.

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