Equinor and bp select Dutch Heerema for US offshore wind projects

Equinor and bp have selected Heerema Marine Contractors from the Netherlands as a strategic supplier for the development of the Empire Wind and Beacon Wind projects.

Wind farm foundations and offshore substations for US East Coast projects will be transported and installed under a Strategic Supplier Agreement between the two companies.

The Empire Wind and Beacon Wind wind farms will be covered by this agreement, which has a term of seven years. When it comes to project preparation and Jones Act compliance, Equinor will work with bp as a 50% joint venture partner, along with Heerema, as an exclusive partner. Equinor and Heerema will work together to maximize the economic benefits of the projects in New York State.

Empire and Beacon

Equinor and bp have a 50/50 partnership in the development of Empire Wind and Beacon Wind. It will be Equinor’s job to run the project from the beginning to the end. The offshore wind farms of Empire Wind and Beacon Wind will generate 2,1 GW and 1,2 GW of renewable energy, respectively, for use by New Yorkers and the surrounding Northeastern region.

Image source: Heerema

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