Van der Vlist transports Windplan Blauw blades to Flevopolder

Van der Vlist has delivered the first V162 wind blades to the Flevopolder for the Windplan Blauw wind farm.

74 wind turbines will be replaced by 61 larger turbines with more capacity as part of the Windplan Blauw development. These will provide electricity to about 450,000 households.

The blades were delivered from Amsterdam’s harbor to the northwest corner of Flevoland. Van der Vlist used a dolly system to transport the wind blades, which can carry blades up to 70 meters in length.

Van der Vlist recently delivered V117 wind turbines to the Kroningswind wind farm. The company will handle a total of 171 special transports for the project, with 9 pieces per turbine.

Image source: Van der Vlist

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