Start pilot project with cable pooling in Wieringermeer

In the Wieringermeer region, in the province of Noord-Holland, a cable pooling pilot project is being launched in which rooftop solar and wind turbines will share the same connection. The test will show whether cable pooling can offer a suitable solution to the problem of grid congestion.

In the project, LTO Noord, trade association for farmers and horticulturists, GreenportNHN, and infrastructure specialist Firan are working together with nine agricultural entrepreneurs with large roofs who are in the vicinity of a wind turbine. By combining network connections of wind turbines with rooftop solar installations, there could be room for thousands of new solar panels on farm roofs.

Agricultural entrepreneurs in the northern part of the province are very active in investing in renewable energy, but are increasingly encountering the limits of the electricity network. As a result of grid congestion, they are unable to feed sustainably generated electricity into the regional electricity network. The installation of large rooftop solar installations is not financially feasible and the lead times for the realisation of connections are increasing.

As a result, a large generation potential remains unused in this region. Moreover, the further sustainability of the energy use of hundreds of farms is under pressure.

The initiators of the pilot project want to find out whether cable pooling can offer a possible solution for grid congestion, creating space on the electricity grid for the accelerated development of more rooftop solar installations. If there is sufficient connection capacity, the nine agricultural companies participating in the cable pooling project will have space available on their roofs for installing an additional seven thousand solar panels.

The project also identifies possible solutions for which there is currently no legal basis. Source: LTO-Noord

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