Ørsted and ARK Nature pioneer marine rewilding at wind farms

A new partnership between Ørsted and ARK Nature is testing the potential of rewilding principles to restore vital ocean biodiversity.

One initial focus is to restore shellfish reefs in the North Sea, which are critical to ecological restoration, and to use project learnings to develop the best ways to scale up work globally to ensure a net-positive impact on nature when building offshore wind farms.

Our life-supporting system, biodiversity, is rapidly disappearing. The climate emergency is inextricably linked to this urgent global crisis. We’re rapidly running out of time on both challenges, so we need to work together to solve them. As we seek to accelerate the global green transition, this means finding ways for nature restoration and renewable energy infrastructure to coexist.

ARK and Ørsted are combining their expertise to achieve a common goal of supporting and nurturing healthy oceans that can support diverse ecosystems and a healthy society.

Image source: Ørsted

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