Nordex Group installs world’s first N163/6.X turbine

In the Netherlands, the Nordex Group has installed the world’s first N163/6.X Delta4000 turbine.

The N163/6.X, and thus the company’s entry into the 6-MW class, was announced in September 2021. The first version of the turbine is now being installed in the Zeebiestocht and Olsterwind wind farms in the Dutch province of Flevoland, where a total of 15 turbines in this latest version are being installed.

The sound emission level of the N163/6.X is 106.4 dB(A) with 80-meter rotor blades and a rotor swept area of 20,867 square meters, which is lower than its sister model N163/5.X despite the higher rating. The N163/6.X is also available with different tower variants depending on the market, with a height of up to 164 meters, a cold climate version, and the Advanced Anti-Icing-System for rotor blades.

The N163/6.X is expected to enter series production in the first half of 2023. The required power and noise measurements, as well as the validation of mechanical loads, will be conducted in Zeebiestocht in the coming months for IEC type certification.

Image source: Nordex Group/Klaas Eissens

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