GROW project SIMPLE-IIB gets HER+ subsidy

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) recently informed that the GROW project SIMPLE-IIB has received a HER+ subsidy.

The company will take significant steps forward in the development of Vibrojet installation technology in the SIMPLE-IIB. A vibro hammer and a jetting tool (Jetgun) are combined in the Vibrojet. The Jetgun, which is attached just above the pile tip at the bottom of the foundation pile, reduces soil resistance by spraying water on the inside of the pile. A traditional vibro hammer is used to add vibrations.

The team created an improved Vibrojet prototype for use in the SIMOX project, where it was tested for lateral and axial load bearing capacity. They also intend to complete a working Vibrojet prototype, which will be tested offshore in the SIMPLE III project, which is also a GROW project.

This prototype will be built and tested as part of the SIMPLE III project, which is set to begin in the summer of 2023. The Vibrojet technology is expected to be ready for DNV certification in 2024 and commercial availability in 2025.

CAPE Holland, Deltares, DEME Offshore, Eneco, GBM Works, and Shell are the consortium’s partners.

Image source: GROW

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