Windpowernl & Windenergie-nieuws at WindDay 2022

Next Thursday, 16 June, the 2022 edition of WindDay will take place in IJmuiden. During this event, wind energy experts from both the on and offshore wind sector will come together to discuss market challenges and exchange ideas.

As a media partner, Windpowernl/Windenergie-nieuws will also be present at WindDay. Visitors can pick up a copy of the spring edition of Windpowernl magazine, which will be distributed at this event. Read all about wind energy and ecology and sustainability in this edition; including interviews with TenneT, Van Oord, De Vogelbescherming, Bureau Waardenburg, and more.

Also included is an item on sustainable energy islands. Tessa Terhoeve and Annabel de Gheldere (Energy Investment Management) give their view on how lessons learned from these islands can be translated to the mainland.

Business & investment opportunities in the Baltics and Eastern Europe

Another member of Energy Investment Management, Investment Advisor Denisa Kasa, will be moderating a session at WindDay, at 2pm.

Denisa Kasa

As the Dutch wind energy sector flourishes and develops at a fast pace, concerns are raised about the inclusion of the community in these projects, as well as the distances they ought to have from residential areas. While encountering and managing this situation in their home country, companies operating in the Netherlands, can diversify their portfolios and operations by looking into business and investment opportunities in Baltic countries (Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia) as well as Poland and Romania.

Such opportunities will be discussed during the session at WindDay by Denisa who has conducted a thorough market research on the business and investment opportunities in the Eastern European and Balkan region. The discussion will contain information on policies supporting energy transition in these countries, anticipated projects in the region and the ways that Dutch companies can contribute to the energy transition process in Eastern Europe and the Balkan region. There are very interesting offshore wind opportunities in Poland and the Baltics and also offers Eastern Europe interesting growth opportunities in onshore wind. This research is published by our Dutch wind news platform Windenergie nieuws in a series of articles. Join Denisa next Thursday. See the full programme of WindDay.

September edition of Windpowernl – digitisation

We are also already busy with the September edition which will have a focus on digitization of the Dutch wind industry. Do you, as a Dutch company, have a solution in this area? Please contact us at to discuss this it during (or of course before or after) the event.

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