WeertEnergie and Eneco open Wind Farm Weert

Eneco and the WeertEnergie energy cooperative have officially opened Wind Farm Weert.

The wind farm near Weert, which is located along the A2 highway, is expected to generate 30,000 MWh of green energy per year. This is roughly 10,000 households’ worth of electricity consumption.

Windpark Weert is jointly owned by WeertEnergie and Eneco. The wind turbines were supplied by Enercon with a tip height of 200 meters. Windpark Weert took a year to construct. In December 2021, the first wind turbine was installed. After that, the two remaining wind turbines were installed. The trial runs began in March.

Cooperative approach

In the development of the wind farm, WeertEnergie and Eneco have chosen to work together. The immediate environment is not only closely involved in the development of the plans; it was also the starting point that there should be benefits for the local community. As much as possible, local and regional businesses are involved in the construction.

To give substance to the cooperative approach, the Gries Hej Wind Fund was established. The wind farm is expected to generate approximately 30,000 euros per year in revenue from the energy it generates. With that money, sustainable and socially responsible projects in the wind farm’s immediate vicinity (within a 3-kilometer radius of the center windmill) can be financed. A Foundation Board with representatives from the various village centers has been appointed to coordinate this. They decide together which projects will receive funding from the fund.

Image source: Wind Park Weert

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