Acta Marine orders two methanol powered CSOVs

Acta Marine has signed a contract with Turkish shipyard Tersan for the construction of two Methanol MDO/HVO powered DP2 Construction Service Operating Vessels (CSOVs).

Two optional vessels are included in the contract for delivery at a later date. The vessels are primarily aimed at the offshore wind construction market and feature Ulstein Design & Solutions’ new SX-216 TWIN-X Stern design, which was created exclusively for and in collaboration with Acta Marine.

Throughout the design of this vessel, in-field agility, high operability and workability, safe transfer of people and cargo, optimized on-board logistics, high productivity, and high comfort for charterers’ crews have been prioritized. Acta Marine sees methanol as one of the most viable options for reducing her carbon footprint in the marine space, particularly for offshore vessels, with a strong ESG and sustainability focus.

Work on wind farms

The CSOV is 89 meters long, 19 meters wide, and has 85 cabins that can accommodate up to 135 people. It will have a Motion Compensated Gangway system from SMST mounted on an integrated tower with height adjustment and a personnel/cargo lift. The vessel also has an SMST 3D-motion compensated crane with a lifting capacity of 6 tons. Indoors, the cargo area is 500 square meters, and outdoors, it is 500 square meters. In significant wave heights (Hs) up to 3.0 meters, the vessel must provide efficient and safe walk-to-work transfer of personnel and cargo.

Acta Marine‘s new CSOVs can work on commissioning and construction projects for offshore wind farms, as well as maintenance tasks on completed wind farms. The first two ships will be delivered in the second and third quarters of 2024.

Image source: Acta Marine

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