Optiwise HORIZON Project aims to improve wind-powered ship design

Dutch MARIN started the EU-funded project Optiwise to improve and demonstrate energy savings using wind propulsion and hydrodynamic improvements.

The EU called for 10 percent single energy savings and 20 percent combined. Optiwise consortium aims to develop and use holistic design and control methods for new ship concepts using wind propulsion. With these methods, they expect 30% to 50% energy savings compared to conventional ships.

The Optiwise project will examine three use cases. These cases will provide a relevant sample of the world fleet, so the project’s methods should cover most of the maritime fleet. While wind propulsion is preselected for each ship type, ship design and energy management can be changed to improve performance.

Project scope

Aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, routing, and energy management are integrated in extensive simulations. Developed designs will be implemented realistically. Basin tests will assess manoeuvrability and seakeeping, bridge simulations will assess crew operation, and land-based wind propulsion tests will verify better control.

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