Huisman and BMS Heavy Cranes begin Ringer Crane production

During a ceremony at Huisman’s production facility in the Czech Republic, Dutch-based Huisman and BMS Heavy Cranes officially began production of a 3,000mt Ringer Crane.

The crane’s production officially began with the welding of the first S690 steel parts using Huisman’s advanced robotic welding technology. BMS Heavy Cranes of Denmark was awarded the contract for the delivery of a 3,000mt Ringer Crane in early 2022.

The crane configuration has been optimized for use in the wind industry. The crane will prepare BMS Heavy Cranes for the installation of the next generation of wind turbines on and offshore, as well as on floating foundations, with the ability to lift components weighing 1,200 tons at heights up to 225 meters and heavy structures weighing 3,000 tons at a reduced height. Other industries can also benefit from the crane’s capabilities. The fully electric crane reduces emissions while also improving operational accuracy and energy efficiency, making it ideal for use in the renewable energy industry. The crane is expected to arrive in the second half of 2023.

Huisman uses the robotic welding technology ‘Wire & Arc Additive Manufacturing’ (WAAM), a subtype of metal 3D printing that is very similar to traditional welding, to create mid-size to large complex shaped components out of high-grade tensile steel. One of the most significant advantages of 3D printing is the significant reduction in delivery time at a cost comparable to forgings and castings, as well as a higher level of consistency in quality.

Image source: Huisman

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