South Holland Energy & Climate Innovation Program awards subsidy to TouchWind

One of the six project consortia that received a voucher last week in the third round of the South Holland innovation program Energie & Climate is made up of TouchWind, the creator of a tilting floating wind turbine concept with a one-piece rotor, and Coastruction, a manufacturer of 3D printed reefs.

There were 26 project consortiums who all submitted proposals. The six chosen projects have each received a total of € 400,000. The initiatives support the use of circular raw materials in industry, large-scale energy generation and storage, electrification of industry, and a more sustainable built environment. They will put their sustainability-related innovation to the test in the upcoming months with the help of grants worth up to €100,000 and program guidance.

Large-scale production and storage

This time, the theme of energy generation and storage received the majority of the vouchers. Together, TouchWind and Coatstruction are working on a cluster project that will test two new innovations at Fieldlab Green Economy Westvoorne: a new floating wind turbine and ecological anchors. Exergy Storage, which will test a prototype of a new affordable, sustainable battery based on salt at The Green Village, and the ENERGY TOKEN project, which will link a solar park with chips and sensors to the blockchain, are two additional projects in this area.

On July 1, Fairm will launch with the goal of improving sustainability in the built environment. At the field lab The Green Village, circular roofing materials will be put to the test. For the electrification of industry theme, VSPARTICLE was chosen. They want to optimize the revolutionary new electrocatalytic membrane production process that they have created. The innovation program had previously awarded a voucher to each business. A DOPS Recycling Technologies project that will develop a new industrial waste separation technology has been chosen in relation to the circular industry theme.

Innovation in Energy and Climate

By identifying key regional themes, the province of South Holland, MRDH, TNO, and InnovationQuarter are collaborating on this goal in the Energy & Climate innovation program. A voucher program is launched on a regular basis as part of the program.

The third round of the Energy & Climate Innovation Program will receive a total of € 1.25 million from the province of South Holland. It has been decided to open several vouchers throughout the year and to pay out fewer vouchers at a time in order to provide the projects with the guidance they deserve and to give applicants multiple opportunities to submit. After the summer, the program’s continuation will be revealed.

Image source: TouchWind

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