KenzFigee to deliver LARS for Fugro’s Blue Snake

Fugro awarded a contract to KenzFigee, a lifting, handling, and service expert of machinery for the marine, offshore, and wind energy industries, for the design and delivery of a LARS (Launch & Recovery System), a component of Fugro’s brand-new, ground-breaking geotechnical system, the Blue Snake.

Cone penetration testing (CPT) and sampling technology systems are combined in the Fugro Blue Snake, an integrated LARS and seabed research system that enables safer and more effective offshore operations. For simple mobilization and minimal manual handling, the system is containerized into a single 40-foot container and a 10-foot control container.

The LARS and the seabed system’s integrated design enables quicker mobilization and operation with better weather workability. When conducting seabed sampling operations, the winch and heave motion systems use a passive CT function that is entirely electric. All of these requirements were successfully integrated into the single deployment LARS system by KenzFigee.

Image source: Fugro

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