Fugro expands USV fleet to accelerate project delivery in offshore wind

The next generation of unmanned surface vessels from Fugro, Blue Prism, will have a naval design by Kooiman Engineering and Van Oossanen Naval Architects (USVs).

The Blue Prism is specially designed for operations in both coastal and offshore environments, and it combines an extremely low carbon footprint with high standards for data collection, weather resilience, and endurance.

In 2023, clients will be able to purchase Fugro’s Blue Prism, which uses hull-mounted sensors to collect bathymetry and sub-bottom data with the highest accuracy while also having the capacity to tow multiple geophysical sensors. It will be the first autonomous low carbon vessel to combine these cutting-edge vessel characteristics and sensors, capable of beyond line of sight operations. The speed and endurance of the Blue Prism, combined with Fugro’s smart data management software, will lower risk and hasten project delivery for offshore wind, hydrographic charting, and coastal resilience.

Image source: Fugro

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