Draft integration plan and environmental permit available for IJsselwind Zutphen wind farm

The Rijn en IJssel water board and the IJsselwind citizens’ initiative want to erect three wind turbines alongside the Twente Canal close to the De Mars business park in Zutphen and Eefde West.

The project has already undergone a spatial procedure, an environmental impact assessment, a zoning plan, and a number of permits and exemptions have been granted by the municipality of Zutphen. The Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State destroyed the wind farm’s zoning plan and environmental permits in May 2021. The project’s founders have decided to restart it. The province is the competent authority under the new procedure for a provincial integration plan and the issuance of environmental permits. Starting on June 23, 2022, the design documents will be open for inspection.

Pondera supports the restart

Pondera Consult has been requested by the joint initiators to set up and facilitate the restart. Pondera has created the integration plan, an EIA assessment notification memorandum, prepared and submitted the necessary permit applications, but they have also conducted underlying investigations into issues like noise, cast shadows, and external safety.

The Delfzijl South Expansion Wind Farm decision has resulted in the draft integration plan receiving its own project-specific standards for noise, cast shadow, and external safety. In deciding which standards to include in the integration plan, the Provincial Executive of Gelderland considered the project-specific standards when preparing the submission for inspection. Pondera conducted the technical investigation for the standards’ justification.

Image source: Pondera

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