Vos Prodect Cable Hang-Off systems for Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm

For the TKF cable project on the Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm, Dutch company Vos Prodect will provide Cable Hang-Off systems.

All sealed Cable Hang-Off Systems for the Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm, which is situated in the Baltic Sea (Germany), close to Rügen Island, will be provided by Vos Prodect. A custom load test program has been developed just for this project and will be used at Vos Product’s in-house testing facility in Klazienaveen. To ensure compatibility, the cables of TKF have undergone extensive testing in conjunction with the systems of Vos Prodect.

By the end of Q3 of 2022, Vos Product must deliver the Cable Hang-Off Systems. By the end of 2024, the project is expected to be completed and fully operational. Baltic Eagle will be able to accommodate 475,000 homes while preventing the annual emission of almost 1 million tonnes of CO2. The project’s transport and installation will be handled by Van Oord.

Image source: Vos Prodect

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