Greenport Venlo wind farm commissioning

The construction of Windpark Greenport Venlo’s wind turbines was just completed. Before being handed over to the owners and producing full electricity to the grid, the wind turbines are undergoing testing and will begin test runs.

Windpark Greenport Venlo is a project of the Greenchoice, Windunie, and ABN AMRO Sustainable Impact Fund alliance. The wind farm along the railroad line between Venlo and Horst-Sevenum consists of eight wind turbines.

Wind turbines were supplied by the German firm Nordex. It relates to two varieties of wind turbines. The turbines installed north of the A67 are N133/4.8 turbines of the Delta4000 series with a 4.8 MW capacity, a 134-meter axis height, and a 201-meter tip height. Between the A67 and A73, three N117/3675 turbines with a capacity of 3.6 MW, an axis height of 134 meters, and a tip height of 194 meters will be placed.

It will take around one to two weeks per wind turbine to put each wind turbine into operation individually. Mid-August is when the trial operation is anticipated to begin, according the initiators. During the trial operation, the stationary facility will be investigated, as well as the cast shadow. At the conclusion of the trial operation, the wind turbines will be tested and inspected prior to their official handover and the wind farm’s complete connection to the electrical grid.

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