Essent and Solinoor to realise sustainable energy powered hydrogen production project in IJzendoorn

Essent and Solinoor are going to realise the first joint hydrogen production project in the middle of the Netherlands, in IJzendoorn. The plant will run on wind and solar energy. If everything goes according to plan, construction of the hydrogen plant will start at the end of 2023.

It will be a 4 MW electrolysis plant that converts sustainably generated electricity into hydrogen and residual heat. The hydrogen plant will run 25% on locally produced solar energy. The other 75% comes from solar and wind energy from the Netherlands, supplied through the electricity grid.

Floating solar panels will be installed in the sand extraction area of IJzendoorn. These will supply 10.5 MWp of solar energy. A 4 MW electrolysis installation will convert the solar energy into hydrogen and residual heat. In order to make optimal use of the local solar energy, and only at times when actual wind and solar power is generated, a battery will be installed to temporarily store the electricity.

In this way, energy company Essent and Solinoor are responding to the growing need for local production and supply of green energy. Solinoor owns the area and is a specialist in the field of floating and ground-based solar parks.

Integrated energy solution

Essent and Solinoor offer an innovative integrated energy solution by combining different sources of green energy: solar, wind, batteries and hydrogen. It is the first project in the Netherlands in which a floating solar park, batteries and an electrolyser combined are used for the sustainable production of hydrogen.

Local market

Essent and Solinoor are also working together on solutions to supply the hydrogen produced to local customers. This can be done via road transport or a direct pipeline, for example. The partners say that the hydrogen plant will soon be supplying sustainable energy to various sectors in the region. For example, the port with a hydrogen filling station for ships and regional industry such as brick factories. There are also large distribution centres near Tiel that can make use of it to make their transport more sustainable.


The project is now entering the licensing and subsidy phase. If everything goes according to plan, construction of the hydrogen plant will start in late 2023.

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