Inikti completes Ansjovisstroom Wind Farm decommissioning

Inikti has completed the dismantling of the seven old wind turbines at Windpark Ansjovisstroom near Biddinghuizen.

Inikti, a full-service wind and solar energy company from Lithuania, started the dismantling work at the end of May this year. In total, the company removed seven Enercon E66 wind turbines with a capacity of 1.8 MW.

Four of the wind turbines will have a new life in Australia, where they will be installed in a wind farm owned by Advanced Energy Resources near the city of Perth.

The other three wind turbines will be shipped to Lithuania, the port of Klaipėda, and stored at Inikti’s warehouse in Pagėgiai. After refurbishment and careful inspection, these wind turbines will be placed in other wind farms in Lithuania, Inikti reported.

Repowering project
The old wind turbines will be replaced by new wind turbines with more power. The new wind turbines are supplied by General Electric. It concerns five Cypress 6.0-164 wind turbines. They will be placed parallel to the Ansjovi route between the Rietweg and the N305.

The repowering of Windpark Ansjovisstroom is part of the larger wind project Windplan Groen in the eastern part of the province of Flevoland. Here, 98 old wind turbines will be repaired to make room for 90 modern wind turbines.

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