Shell conducts feasibility study with EAGLE-ACCESS

Shell NoordzeeWind, Shell technical experts, and EAGLE-ACCESS conducted a feasibility study to test the access system, which has the potential to speed up a major wind turbine repair job.

It has taken a lot of work to determine how to deploy the EAGLE-ACCESS system at Offshore Windpark Egmond aan Zee (OWEZ). The EAGLE-ACCESS system was found to be suitable for a field trial at Shell NoordzeeWind by the feasibility study.

Investigation revealed a less invasive way to address the problem with the turbine repairs. This had the effect of eliminating the need for a lengthy operation and giving the joint project team an opportunity to show off the capabilities of the EAGLE-ACCESS system. EAGLE-ACCESS, however, can be thought of as an alternative method for mobilizing personnel and cargo to the field because the feasibility study demonstrated that it is mature enough to be used in the field. In the long run, Shell realized that EAGLE-ACCESS might be a good way to extend the maintenance seasons into the winter, when access to offshore wind farms is frequently difficult.

In the end, the exercise established a strong foundation for continued cooperation based on prior experiences and the distinctive value proposition of EAGLE-ACCESS, whether it be at OWEZ or in another division of the Shell group.

Image source: EAGLE-ACCESS

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