KenzFigee and CMIC sign agreement for 3D AMC gangway system

A technology license agreement has been reached between KenzFigee and TSC Renewables, a fully owned subsidiary of CMIC, for the 3D Active Motion Compensated (AMC) gangway system that KenzFigee developed.

This agreement is the outcome and a component of the recently concluded strategic cooperation agreement between KenzFigee and CMIC, which enables CMIC to produce, market, and sell gangway systems based on the 3D AMC gangway systems developed by KenzFigee, as well as to further enhance and upgrade the system in response to market demands.

With the help of this agreement, CMIC will be able to supply the market with high-end, 3D Active Motion Compensated (AMC) gangway technology and meet demand for offshore renewable energy products for (offshore) wind farms, WTIVs (wind turbine installation vessels), and SOVs (service operation vessels) in China and abroad.

Image source: KenzFigee

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