Dutch BLIX wraps up floating offshore wind study in Japan

Beginning in 2022, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Dutch Embassy in Japan hired BLIX to conduct a market analysis to improve bilateral cooperation on offshore wind projects.

By pointing out opportunities for Dutch businesses and research institutions in the Japanese floating offshore wind sector, it will also support the Dutch floating wind industry.

To reach its carbon neutrality goal of 2050, Japan has set an ambitious offshore wind target of 30-45 GW installed capacity by 2040. There is a high demand for workable floating offshore wind supply chain solutions for deep water farther from shore due to Japan’s limited shallow-water sites where bottom-fixed offshore wind turbines can be installed and floating offshore wind’s beginning to be commercially interesting.

Five sections make up the study:

  • Global offshore wind developments and trends
  • Floating offshore wind industry in Japan
  • Value Chain assessment
  • Business opportunities in Japan’s floating offshore wind for the Dutch sector
  • SWOT analysis and entry strategy

In conclusion, bottom-founded projects have been chosen for the majority of Japan’s designated offshore wind farm zones, but floating offshore wind will soon become a reality. Dutch design and supply chain companies’ early involvement in Japan is beneficial, as seen in the current offshore wind projects that are bottom founded and in the technical feasibility studies for early floating wind development projects. Last but not least, we see chances for training and knowledge transfer centers to instruct Japanese engineers in scalable (floating) offshore wind solutions.

The Embassy of the Netherlands in Japan – Carolien van Tilburg: “Japan is ambitious to reduce its dependency on imported fossil fuels. Commercial development of offshore wind energy has recently started, the supply chain is developing and next will the floating offshore wind. This study detects these opportunities for our Dutch innovative supply chain and we think it serves as a great preparation to approach the upcoming Japanese offshore floating wind market.”

Image source: BLIX

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